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Being Extraverted during Covid-19

By Sunayana Basa Before COVID-19, I never questioned my extroversion; it has always been my strength, both professionally and personally. I have always loved connecting with others. My parents would have to keep an eye on me at grocery stores because I would frequently talk to strangers without a care in the world. In school, […]

Recipe for a Kitchen Rendezvous

By Pooja Kini Ever since I moved back home, my mother and I have grown incredibly close. Though we’re very different people, and our schedules rarely align, we usually find each other in the kitchen at some point during the day. I’ll sit on the counter top while she’s cooking, help her chop vegetables, or […]

The WFH Beauty Edit: South Asian Edition

By By Riya Godbole If you’re anything like me, your search history has been a bit of a wild roller coaster over the last few weeks. With everything ranging from “how to survive a coup” to “kanye jeffree star”, perhaps one of the most common search terms I found myself aimlessly entering was “when the […]

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