Talk at USC project Rishi

Founder, Trisha Batra, visited USC Project Rishi at their RISE Conference to talk about the beginnings of South Asian Productions and what she hopes to achieve. During her talk, she explained the log kya Kahenge phenomenon and how it’s been detrimental to the South Asian American Community’s mental health. She went more in-depth on why our community feels an inner guilt for pursuing our passions, and how we should utilize our privilege in being able to choose our career path. She later on discussed the importance of having a community and platform to showcase South Asian Talent that way individuals in the entertainment/creative industries will see the need for South Asian Stories to be told. 

After her speech, Trisha became even more motivated to involve more university students with South Asian Productions. She was even more thrilled to meet with Pooja Nair, a UCLA Student that was supporting her friends at the Rise Conference that took a special interest in South Asian Productions and wanted to start a campus club at her university. After this conversation was the start of our

Message from our Founder:

Attending USC was an amazing experience to see university students so passionate about making an impact within their local communities. I was very excited to see the amount of people that was excited about South Asian Production

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