10 Struggles of a Creative

As I lay awake in my bed at 4 am, many thoughts cross my mind. So many dreams, such little time. Add a dash of self-doubt into the mix. Hey there! My name is Dimple and if manifestation is a real thing, five years from now I’ll be a big name in the fashion industry. I’ll be invited to attend fashion weeks all over the world, maybe even walk them…who knows? I’ll let the universe surprise me. But what about the present? I’m a commerce student that has an Instagram fashion blog on the side (@heyyitsdimple hehe). Baby steps am I right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel that way. If you’re a creative, chances are you’ve felt similar struggles. Let’s highlight a few 🙂

  1. People are ALWAYS concerned about your future. (But lowkey you are too hehe..)

2. People copy or post your work without giving you credit.

3. You’ve had a project you put your heart and soul into but it completely failed.

4. Or you’ve lost hours and hours of work because the program glitched.

5. You’ve definitely worked on something all night long.

6. You get your best ideas in the shower or at 4 am when you’re struggling to fall asleep.

7. Sometimes explaining what you do to other people can get a little weird because it’s so personal.

8. There are times when you feel scared of people with so-called “r e a l” jobs.

9. Sometimes you think you’ve got this and you’re really succeeding and then sometimes you just feel stuck.

10. But hey! The struggle often fuels inspiration so it’s an endless cycle and you are stuck because you love what you do!!


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