Mental Health in Quarantine

How are you feeling during this quarantine? Quarantine has not been easy; you must take care of your mental health. Mood swings, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression have become very common in this time. Everything that is going around in the world’s mental health started to affect many of us. It began to create more health issues. This became part of our daily lives. Staying home all day has become challenging. This pandemic has changed everything.

During this time, everyone had a different way to handle themselves. If you’re feeling a certain way it doesn’t mean the person next to you feels the same way, they might be handling themselves differently.  Some people might be with their families, and some might be living alone, but loneliness had been ingrained into us. No work, no school, nor any social events had become stressful. We were used to doing things we enjoyed and then we were told to stay home with nothing much to do.

Those who already suffer from mental health have now suffered more than before. People tend to go through more anxiety and depression in circumstances such as COVID. Many people still try to live a normal life by doing normal routines, but it is impossible to do it when there is no avenue or outlet available. Your room has become a comfort place.

A poetry by me about mental health in quarantine!

the voices in your head
try to shut you down
your overthinking tries to
pull in the darkness
try shut my eyes try to sleep
the voice inside my head is awake
my body starts to go numb
slowly I am losing myself
the voice in my head
became my enemy and not my friend
negative thoughts won’t shut
I stop believing in the positive
the voice in my head will not let me speak
I look around to tell, but no one is there
nobody actually cares
it is unreal, they say
I'm terrified by this darkness
day by day, it is becoming a reality
trying to fix myself
putting all of my pieces back together
trying to fight it back
I forgot I made this reality.
I switched the roles.
I became the voice in my head.
My head has now become me.

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