Purdue Students Creating Social Change

Below you will find wonderful Purdue students and alumni who have used social media and other creative outlets for social change.

Dialogues of Desi Women

Esha Kulkarni (Left) and Priyanka Santhapuram (Right)

Esha Kulkarni is a recent graduate of Purdue University. She was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and is currently on the pre-medical track with hopes of becoming an ophthalmologist. In her free time, Esha loves to exercise, dance, and play with her dog, Libby!

Priyanka Santhapuram graduated from Purdue University in 2019, and grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana. She is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University getting her Masters in Healthcare Administration. When she is not in school, Priyanka enjoys volunteering, Netflix-ing, and eating her favorite snacks!

Dialogues of Desi Women is a Facebook and Instagram page that allows Desi women to anonymously share their struggles of sexual violence or harassment of any degree. In addition to being a forum, DDW is also a place to find support, resources, and information pertaining to sexual violence on both an individual and systemic level. As best friends involved in the Desi community in college, we noticed the huge gap in awareness about sexual violence from both survivors and allies. We started this page to spark conversation, to connect with survivors that want to be heard, and to unify people against this otherwise “taboo” topic. Our goal for DDW is to touch as many lives as possible and to help create change in the Desi community on a completely preventable problem.

Friday Nights With The F.O.B.’S

Arindum (left) and Kshitij (Right)

Now introducing Friday Nights With The F.O.B’S., a podcast by cohosts Kshitij (Mechanical Engineering, CO ‘23) and Arindum (Actuarial Science, CO ‘23). Kshitij and Arindum are both from India and raised in Saudi Arabia. The two of them went to the same school for one year in Saudi Arabia and, when they found out they would both be attending Purdue, they grew closer. They quickly realized that they would often argue about various topics that would lead to interesting conversations, and they thought to themselves—why not record them? 

Friday Nights With The F.O.B.S. is centered around differing perspectives on current events and their lives; they are very free-flowing and entertaining in their speaking. Their platform is geared towards university students, and they have found that South Asian kids relate to their content the most. Kshitij and Arindum emphasized how having this platform has allowed them to connect their thoughts and gain clarity on their personal perspectives on matters. But, with all this in mind, their podcast definitely has a light-hearted motion to it and they enjoy spontaneous speech. 

So if you are looking to support desi creators and would love to listen to arguments with a sprinkle of comedy, you should definitely check out Friday Nights With The F.O.B.S.!

From Jwala & Yashi

Jwala (left) and Yashi (Right)

From Jwala and Yashi is a podcast hosted by Jwala (Computer Science, CO ’23) and Yashi (Finance, CO ’23). You can learn this from their podcast, but Jwala and Yashi met at Purdue their first semester of college and, this past summer, they decided to start a podcast to provide South Asian university students with a safe space to learn about one another and have another support system. They discuss topics related to college students and South Asians; past ones include South Asian representation in the media, how to prepare for college, friendships, and more.

These two young ladies understand the obstacles that come along with growing up with two cultures and offer all the insight you will need to navigate those same waters. They also involve great features on their channel, adding new perspectives to their conversations. It’s not only a learning space for you, but it is also for them! They cover serious topics and maintain a light mood through comedy. If you’re looking for some genuine, warm, and extremely real conversations, these two will surely become your go-to podcast friends.

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