The Top Five Heavily Haunted Places in the Motherland

By Karen Bahri

It’s that time of year again. Although Halloween just passed, the thrill and chill vibe still shines throughout the entire season! There’s just something about autumn, the crisp chill in the air, and the chill down your spine you get from hearing a good spook! 

India, the motherland and the land of thousands of untold stories has its own share of eerie destinations, black magic, witch hunters…which means there are um…witches. There are actually people employed as DOCTORS who take spirits out of humans who claim to be possessed. You hear the craziest, most psychotic stories of people getting possessed by spirits way more than ever! India definitely has its fair share of spooks, haunts, and supernatural stories to make your blood run cold! All of which claim to be true.

Into it? Are you a believer or disbeliever?

Here I present to you five bone-chilling destinations that claim to be heavily haunted. Check them out (err…or avoid them like covid19!) next time you jet off to mama India:


This 17th century grand architectural phenomenon and its surrounding village is supposedly the most notorious haunted spot in all of India! Bhangarh and its ruins are closed to visitors from sunset to sunrise, reportedly the time with the highest paranormal activity on the premises. There have been several cases of mysterious disappearances of people who visited the fort.

Bhangarh is actually a beautiful town to visit during daylight hours in which you can stumble across a variety of stunning temples filled with intricate sculptures, marvelous haveli’s, a variety of markets as well as a royal palace. 

There are a variety of legends regarding the abandonment of the fort. One of the most popular being of a black magician who fell in love with a local princess and attempted to use a love potion to win her affection. The princess evaded his moves by flinging the potion onto a boulder, which then rolled down toward the magician, physically crushing him. Before taking his final breath, he cursed the fort. Those who have dared to stay in the fort overnight have reported hearing footsteps and the screeching of a woman. 


The name itself gives away its story. Located on the way to the General Hospital in Sector 16, this bridge has been named “The Haunted Bridge” after people experienced abnormal activities here. The most common claim is the spotting of a girl wearing white apron who can be seen moving down the bridge carrying a lamp in her hand. According to the locals, this girl was a doctor who got hit by a speeding truck and died roughly 20 years ago.


This English gothic style 5 star hotel was very popular among tourists worldwide . Legend has it that a spiritualist named Miss Frances Garnett-Orme was poisoned to death in the Savoy. The mystery remains unsolved to this day, but guests claim to have seen Miss Garnett-Orme’s ghost roaming around the hotel and heard the echoes of her footsteps.  Guests have heard disembodied whispers and cry several times during their stay in the hotel. Some also claim that they have also seen Frances Garnett face to face and that the ghost of Frances Garnett is looking for the murderer who poisoned her.

This tale is so infamous that Agatha Christie referenced it in her book The Mysterious Affair at Styles, as did Ruskin Bond in A Mussoorie Murder.


Another haunted hotel, located in Lonavala, which is the most popular hill station getaway in Pune. Raj Kiran hotel is one of the most budget-friendly hotels in Lonavala, but with facilities like room services, a pool, and restaurant to attract guests.

Guests who have stayed have reported many peculiar occurrences and various paranormal incidents. All of the complaints came from one particular room. The room is located on the ground floor of the hotel right behind the reception area of the hotel. This room is currently locked and unavailable for use to do so many complaints. Holiday-goers have faced their worst fears when their bed sheets were forcefully pulled off at night. Some guests woke up to an unexplained blue ray near the bed and a constant feeling of being watched. The mystery remains unsolved.


Kurseong, nicknamed “The Land of Orchids” is a small hill station in West Bengal not far from Darjeeling. Studded with picturesque landscapes, wooded mountains, lush green tea plantations and thick forests, it is absolutely magical! It’s also considered one of the most haunted places in India. According to locals, terrifying ghosts have been spotted in an area called Dow Hill inside Kerseong. 

People have spotted a red eye staring at them here and a woman with gray clothes wandering around the hills. 

Nearby, there is also a Boys School in which ghosts of various children have been sighted. The most common is one of a headless boy, who roams around in the forest and follows people and then disappears into thin air. Shrieks, laughter and footsteps have been heard in the school, even during vacations and weekends when nobody is around.

Are you daring enough to explore these places or would you rather stay as far away as possible?

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