~Letting Go~

By Gauri Bhandari

It doesn’t take long to realize South-Asian families are beautiful bonds, treasured relationships that provide peace and power. Handling expectations, however, is slightly complicated because choosing your own path evokes guilt but following the family’s expectations seems forced. 

Holding onto passions by attempting to change them to careers all while escaping failure is an equilibrium, we all hope to achieve. And that’s what it’s about- the success and the expectations to keep going. Sometimes, they just ignite the spark and there’s times where all they do is burn your passion entirely. It’s only when you let go of the ‘what will people say?’ mentality, your choices appear clearer. Your thoughts become more helpful and decisions are advantageous and constructive. 

It seems impossible at first to unlearn the mindset because it has been instilled in our minds, but it gets easier as you understand that losing it is nothing but gaining positivity. And this doesn’t mean that there is disregard for your family or s/o’s opinions, just to balance them and put yourself first. For once, to not sacrifice happiness. The balance between the contradictions of ambition and failure is one you create. And entirely changing yourself is not the aim. Letting go of the negativity is.

– Gauri Bhandari

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