I am scared.

By Medihah Merchant

I am scared.
There…I said it.

Not to the earth or to the space or even the stars,
But to myself.
To the one who felt it the most.

What about, I asked?

I am scared I won’t make it to where I want to be,
To whom I want to be,
Or to what I dream to be.

So, I asked myself,
Is that all necessary?

And I answered,
Otherwise for what else would I be.

So, what now?

I become!

About Medihah Merchant

Hi!!! I am a 3rd year Human Rights and Social Justice major in Carleton University.  I am a sleeping enthusiast who spares time for anime and visual arts, and am a true believer in “When in doubt, nap it out”.

Instagram: @mads.merchant

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