Meet the Team

Message from our Founder

It was my last quarter of college where I realized that the goals I set out for myself whether it was getting that dream job or excelling in my side hustles did not bring me the happiness I was looking for. I kept telling myself that if I achieve this, I will FINALLY be happy. Nothing gave me a greater purpose in my life until I started South Asian Productions – nothing made me happier than to genuinely help people especially my own South Asian Community to have the confidence to pursue their own dreams. 

During my last week of college, I was at a party with a couple of friends sipping on margaritas, and we all started to talk about our lives when we graduate. My friends were talking about their struggle with choosing their passion or their 9 to 5s, and how they were QUITTING THE ONE THING THAT MADE THEM HAPPY. That conversation ignited a spark in me to create a full Entertainment Hub that highlighted South Asian Talent. A centralized location where South Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers can come together and build each other to never give up on their dreams. I started South Asian Productions June 2019 with simple coffee chats partnering up with individuals all around the US/Canada/Europe, to bring people together to have conversations revolving around South Asian Representation in Western Media. Sooner or later, I noticed that this community was really needed,  and realized that this is a movement that I didn’t want to just sit down and be on sidelines of. This was the first time where I saw my community really own their identity, and I wanted to be able to create a platform that would continue that momentum. That led me to a monthly newsletter, coffee with creative workshops, podcast episodes and so much more. I am truly blessed to be able to have a team that can truly bring my vision to life.

Meet the team

Trisha Batra

Trisha is the Founder and CEO of South Asian Productions, and is passionate about building communities and fostering creativity. She manages the overall operations and strategy for South Asian Productions. She graduated from the University of California Riverside in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology, and a student athlete dancing on the college dance team for 4 years. She started South Asian Productions in hopes to highlight South Asian Talent in mainstream media. Trisha is a creative herself and finds enjoyment in dancing/modeling. She’s found a huge love for combining both Bollywood and Contemporary styles of dance, and recently has just started her dance YouTube Channel. She hopes to continue to inspire other South Asians in pursuing creative careers to keep going and never give up.

Rameen Rana

Rameen is the Head of University Relations and Outreach for South Asian Productions, focusing on the College Ambassador Program and Coffee with Creative workshops. She joined South Asian Productions inspired and excited to help create a community of South Asian creatives and entrepreneurs who can create, build, and grow together. As an undergrad at Harvard College, Rameen was President of the South Asian Association and throughout college, she learned to embrace and love her Pakistani American identity,  and looks forward to continuing building strong communities of South Asian Creators!

Kajal Raju

Kajal is the Head of Content at South Asian Productions, spearheading our Blog. Kajal’s experiences as a creative navigating the South Asian and Western professional dance industries drew her to South Asian Productions. Kajal double majored in Managerial Economics and Theatre & Dance at UC Davis, where she explored the role mainstream media plays in societal perception of race and the power of representation. Kajal is excited to amplify and empower the voices of South Asian Creatives while growing a space where South Asians can meaningfully engage with their cultural identities at SAP.

Parth Patel

Parth is our Lead Editor at South Asian Productions working to look over both our Blog and College Ambassador articles. Parth joined South Asian Productions to foster awareness of the arts and entertainment and to showcase the raw talent our diverse community has. He is currently a medical student studying Podiatry in Southern California. Even with his passion for medicine, he never lost his awe for the arts. During his free time, Parth is working to improve his photography and tabla skills. Like a camera lens that can provide a raw and unfiltered view of still time, he hopes to contribute to SAP and showcase the raw and unfiltered talent of the downright awesome South Asian community. 

Maria Naqvi

Maria also known as mARTia is the Art Director for South Asian Productions, creating illustrations and brand cohesive designs that unify the community. Inspired by the South Asian Productions mission, it was an easy YES when she was asked to join the team. Maria channels her Pakistani-Canadian dual identity into her creative work to generate meaningful and relatable designs that truly resonate with the South Asian diaspora. As a South Asian creative professional, she understands the significance of building a strong supportive network as it reveals opportunities that might have seemed unattainable before. Currently studying Advertising at OCADU, she hopes for more media representation and is excited to be immersed in a community of pure talent and ambition. 

Shivangi Patel

Shivangi Patel is our social media coordinator at South Asian Productions. She focuses on our newsletter, answering spotlights, and other social media coordination. She joined South Asian Productions because she believes strongly in the mission and is passionate about more positive South Asian representation in media. Shivangi is currently a senior at the University of Pittsburgh in a competitive dental program, and outside of school you can catch her dancing and traveling to new places.

Chandini Ramesh

Chandini Ramesh is our operations coordinator at South Asian Productions. She focuses on our internal operations, answering spotlights, and workshop coordination. She graduated from the University of Southern California, and currently works in the business IT space. She joined South Asian Productions because she’s passionate about community building and wanted to inspire more individuals to find their creative outlet. Her hobbies include dancing and practicing yoga.