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Baylor University

Welcome to the Baylor University Chapter!

Hello! My name is Sejal Bhandari and I am a junior at Baylor University. I am excited about South Asian Productions because I get to be a part of a transforming community that continues to strengthen and support South Asians struggling to break career stereotypes and pursue something they love! 

Quality over Quantity Part 2

A Look into Baylor Taal and Gateway to India 2021 With great effort and dedication, the production of Baylor’s largest South Asian event of the year, Gateway to India 2021, is finally taking place on March 27th, 2021. Maintaining careful consideration of COVID-19 protocols, Baylor’s Indian Subcontinent Student Association outstandingly managed to preserve tradition and […]

Quality over Quantity (Part 1)

A look into Baylor’s Growing South Asian Greek Life and Social Organizations By Sejal Bhandari As mentioned in my very first article, the South Asian community at Baylor University is distinctively small. However, this size doesn’t imply its lack of strength. In fact, this community embodies a group of diverse individuals determined to highlight their […]

“Feel in Order to Heal”

A Spotlight on Ritu Bhatt To be honest, I think the hardest part about writing this article was trying to make Ritu Bhatt sound as beautiful and inspiring as she truly is. Having the pleasure of growing up with her, I know there is and always was something incredibly special about Ritu. Her free-spirited and […]

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