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CULTURE and Identity

Dosa with Butter Chicken: Musings of a Culturally Mixed South Asian

Growing up as a South Asian in the early-2000’s suburbs of Dallas was an incredibly affirming experience. My parents moved to the Dallas area in the mid-‘90s and have seen the South Asian community flourish since then. My earliest memories are of shopping at the first Indian grocery store in the area that opened up […]

Intercultural Conversations are Necessary to Celebrate Indian Identities

Steam rises from the openings in the lid placed atop a uniquely shaped pan. Six shallow cavities are spread evenly across the surface of the pan to cook the batter into perfect half spheres, making gundpangla, a Karnatik breakfast dish.  Saturday mornings, when perfectly browned and crisp gundpangla were served paired with a flavorful coconut […]

If I’m proud of who I am, then others will be too

By Maisha Khan “Mom, my friend is coming over to work on a project!” “Is she going to eat here?” “No, why would she eat Indian food?” I grabbed the Febreeze bottle and sprayed the odor mask throughout the house. I even cracked open a few windows to let the fresh air circulate, only to […]


My Body, My Instrument

By Kanchan Raju POV: You set foot into the family function that you’re reluctantly but obligatorily attending. The bustling chatter of aunties and uncles and the tangy aroma of paneer sabzi fill the room. One vaguely familiar aunty approaches, and you brace yourself for several minutes of cheek squeezing and mildly invasive questioning. But rather […]

My Growth Through Dance

By Pooja Chimata Dhalanku thaka thiku thaka tha dhing gi na thom… Thakadhimi thaka tha ki ta… “Dude, did you hear what I said?” my lab partner gently asks, waking me up, bringing me to my biology lab.  I don’t like to admit it, but I daydream frequently. And it’s usually during important classes (oops) […]

Better When I’m Dancin’

By Sona Bhargava When my parents ever brought up the idea of enrolling me in a team sport as a kid, I immediately rejected it. Dance, however, was completely different from a ball game (no pun intended). I think what initially attracted me, as an introverted four-year-old, to dance, was the individualistic training and of […]


Punjabi Orange Lentil Stew (Dal)

By Shubhra Ramineni In the northern Indian state of Punjab, it is common to add butter to lentil dishes -and in this recipe, I indulge in this tradition.  When whole red lentils are skinned and split, they reveal an orange lentil, called dhuli masoor dal in Hindi.  Orange lentils make one of my favorite lentil […]

Recipe for a Kitchen Rendezvous

By Pooja Kini Ever since I moved back home, my mother and I have grown incredibly close. Though we’re very different people, and our schedules rarely align, we usually find each other in the kitchen at some point during the day. I’ll sit on the counter top while she’s cooking, help her chop vegetables, or […]

No Soup for You: Creamy Mulligatawny Soup

By Shubhra Ramineni Mulligatawny soup is not a true Indian dish, and instead is a recipe that was created from a blend of British and Indian tastes. The word mulligatawny originally comes from the Indian dialect, Tamil, and translates to “pepper water.” I was actually first introduced to this dish while watching the Seinfeld television […]

Beauty and Fashion

Makeup Recommendations for Dark Skin Tones

By Pooja Chimata Growing up as a dancer, makeup has always intrigued me. The bold shades of eyeshadow that I would wear to match with my costume, the fierce eyeliner that elongated my eyes, and of course the loads of “translucent” powder that my mom caked on me before going on stage were all staple […]

The WFH Beauty Edit: South Asian Edition

By By Riya Godbole If you’re anything like me, your search history has been a bit of a wild roller coaster over the last few weeks. With everything ranging from “how to survive a coup” to “kanye jeffree star”, perhaps one of the most common search terms I found myself aimlessly entering was “when the […]

If the Kajal is Not for Me, What is?

By Ananya B. Chetia I’d always observe mama as she applies her makeup. The cherry blush kisses her caramel skin. The dark kajal eyeliner contrasts against her large honey eyes while her thick lashes flutter like butterfly wings. Her bindhi, the small decorative sticker above her eyebrows, known as the third eye, completes the finishing […]


An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Yvon Chouinard. Jen Rubio. Brian Chesky. Amazing founders who have built industry changing businesses. But how? Most stories we hear about them highlight the struggles later on in these founder’s journeys, once they had achieved millions in sales or once they were several years into their journey. We rarely hear about the early days. How […]


Four Bollywood Fairytales that’ll Give you Hope in Quarantine

By Matangi Kumar Whether you’re stuck grueling at your nine to five or bored out of your mind locked at home during quarantine, a good book can do wonders to get you out of your fixed routine. I used to read constantly as a kid, but as life caught up with school and work it […]



By Justin Sidhu SURYA URS is a 23-year old South Asian artist hailing from Hong Kong and currently based in Sydney, Australia. Surya is a creative polymath — a prolific musician, extraordinary photographer and visceral filmographer. His work evokes feelings of nostalgia and hyperreality while achieving a style informed by myriad inspirations yet vividly distinctive […]

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