Culture and Identity

Dosa with Butter Chicken: Musings of a Culturally Mixed South Asian

Growing up as a South Asian in the early-2000’s suburbs of Dallas was an incredibly affirming experience. My parents moved to the Dallas area in the mid-‘90s and have seen the South Asian community flourish since then. My earliest memories are of shopping at the first Indian grocery store in the area that opened up […]

Intercultural Conversations are Necessary to Celebrate Indian Identities

Steam rises from the openings in the lid placed atop a uniquely shaped pan. Six shallow cavities are spread evenly across the surface of the pan to cook the batter into perfect half spheres, making gundpangla, a Karnatik breakfast dish.  Saturday mornings, when perfectly browned and crisp gundpangla were served paired with a flavorful coconut […]

If I’m proud of who I am, then others will be too

By Maisha Khan “Mom, my friend is coming over to work on a project!” “Is she going to eat here?” “No, why would she eat Indian food?” I grabbed the Febreeze bottle and sprayed the odor mask throughout the house. I even cracked open a few windows to let the fresh air circulate, only to […]

Item Number Songs: The Dangers of a Guilty Pleasure

During this last year, I consumed and watched a ton of Bollywood. I re-watched movies from my youth and obsessively consumed the multi million and billion plus viewed videos on YouTube. The nostalgia and the addictive nature of the old songs from my childhood were a great way to distract myself from the pandemic world […]

Being a South Asian in Kenya

Q&A: What’s it like being a South Asian Kenyan?Kenya is the country I call home. It’s where I was born and brought up like thousands of other South Asians. However, there are several myths that surround what the country is like and in order to combat them, I asked my non-Kenyan friends/followers on my various […]


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