My Body, My Instrument

By Kanchan Raju POV: You set foot into the family function that you’re reluctantly but obligatorily attending. The bustling chatter of aunties and uncles and the tangy aroma of paneer sabzi fill the room. One vaguely familiar aunty approaches, and you brace yourself for several minutes of cheek squeezing and mildly invasive questioning. But rather […]

My Growth Through Dance

By Pooja Chimata Dhalanku thaka thiku thaka tha dhing gi na thom… Thakadhimi thaka tha ki ta… “Dude, did you hear what I said?” my lab partner gently asks, waking me up, bringing me to my biology lab.  I don’t like to admit it, but I daydream frequently. And it’s usually during important classes (oops) […]

Better When I’m Dancin’

By Sona Bhargava When my parents ever brought up the idea of enrolling me in a team sport as a kid, I immediately rejected it. Dance, however, was completely different from a ball game (no pun intended). I think what initially attracted me, as an introverted four-year-old, to dance, was the individualistic training and of […]

I was a dancer – I’m relearning how to be one.

By Sunayana Basa My love for dance came from different places. The dedication I had — that came from my mom. A dancer herself, she practiced in India before she married my dad and had kids, but she kept performing when she could – that continued with me. The camaraderie came from all the girls […]

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