Punjabi Orange Lentil Stew (Dal)

By Shubhra Ramineni In the northern Indian state of Punjab, it is common to add butter to lentil dishes -and in this recipe, I indulge in this tradition.  When whole red lentils are skinned and split, they reveal an orange lentil, called dhuli masoor dal in Hindi.  Orange lentils make one of my favorite lentil […]

Recipe for a Kitchen Rendezvous

By Pooja Kini Ever since I moved back home, my mother and I have grown incredibly close. Though we’re very different people, and our schedules rarely align, we usually find each other in the kitchen at some point during the day. I’ll sit on the counter top while she’s cooking, help her chop vegetables, or […]

No Soup for You: Creamy Mulligatawny Soup

By Shubhra Ramineni Mulligatawny soup is not a true Indian dish, and instead is a recipe that was created from a blend of British and Indian tastes. The word mulligatawny originally comes from the Indian dialect, Tamil, and translates to “pepper water.” I was actually first introduced to this dish while watching the Seinfeld television […]

Cultural Identity and Coconut Chutney: Musings of a First Generation Konkani-American

By Pooja Kini Being a minority within a minority is pretty interesting.  Growing up, I was pretty hesitant to talk about my heritage or culture with those I didn’t share it with.  I went to elementary school in a predominantly white suburb, so I’d always just say I spoke Hindi because it was the only […]

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