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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University chapter!

Hello and welcome to the voices of South Asian creatives at Johns Hopkins University. My name is Ranjani and I will be showcasing the passion projects of my talented peers. Many of us –including myself– are pursuing careers far from the creative and entertainment industries. However, as you will see throughout the rest of this article and the projects exhibited in the coming months, we still strive to stay connected with our creative interests since they often allow us to express our unique experiences as individuals and more importantly, as first or second-generation South Asian Americans.

Johns Hopkins University Intros

Ranjani To start us off, hello once again, my name is Ranjani. I’m a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University studying and pursuing a career in biomedical engineering. Although I am extremely happy with my choice of major and the concept of spending my life in STEM, I am equally enthused by my choice to […]

Johns Hopkins University

Colorism in Bollywood

By: Manasi Nawathe Since the beginnings of Bollywood, iconic songs have touted the beauty of heroines and highlighted their attractive features. While this is normal for a love song, especially an over-the-top Bollywood love ballad, the “beauty” of these characters is in some way connected to the heroine’s whiteness. In Hindi, the term “gori” translates […]

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