Rutgers University

Rutgers University

Welcome to the Rutgers University Chapter!

This is Pallavi Patel, she is the founder of the nonprofit, Dear Zindagi Foundation, an artist, and culture blogger. Pallavi attends Rutgers University studying marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.  She is super excited to be apart of SAP because she is the voice and talent that shouldn’t be missed. She believes SAP is the perfect empire for south Asians to show their overlooked skills and talents, even if that’s entertainment, arts, or being an advocate for south Asian culture like herself.  Pallavi believes SAP is the rising realm of representation that will restore the rich roots of our culture to educate and appreciate. 

Beyond the Norms of Mental Health

“Depression + Anxiety + Bipolar = Mental Health”. Heard that one before? Same. Someone that has been through all of that, diagnosed and still to this date experiencing, I feel limited to what I am going through, actually. In today’s society, mental health is often looked at as a crazy and standardized approach to one’s […]

Savory Street Food

Image Credits:, Hungry Lobbyist From the galliyan (streets) of Mumbai to the busy roads of Karachi, one sight and smell that cannot be missed is the never ending variety of street food. Growing up eating the top hits of street food from samosas to kathi rolls, yes of course pani puri, and lassi, my […]

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