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Welcome to the University of Michigan Chapter!

Hi everyone! My name is Subarna Bhattacharya and I’m a third-year undergraduate at the University of Michigan studying Public Health with minors in Writing and Applied Statistics! Throughout the past two years of college, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by such a nuanced and active South Asian community on campus, and these experiences have led me to believe in the power of South Asian voices in all fields. I’m so excited to bring my perspectives to the South Asian Productions platform, and to learn about all of my peers across the country as well!


By Payal Parida  “Hey, my name is so and so and I’m majoring in pre-med, what are you studying?” “Hi there, my name is Payal and I’m a dance major?” “Oh, um, that’s interesting I guess, what’s your other major?” “Excuse me?” “I mean how can you even make a career out of that, I […]

When We Dance, We Embody Our Culture

By Subarna Bhattacharya As first-generation South Asian Americans, it’s often difficult for us to connect to our cultural roots, particularly when it comes to religion. While I may believe in certain concepts like reincarnation and follow along with pujas at home, I struggle to connect to Hinduism at the level my parents do. Realistically, it’s […]

University of Michigan Introduction

Hello! My name is Subarna and I’m a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Community and Global Public Health with minors in Writing and Applied Statistics! I’m so excited to be a part of the College Ambassadors Program and to be given the chance to put my work on this platform for you […]

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