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My name is Rocky Sahoo, and I am a student at the University of North Texas studying User Interface and User Experience Design. I’m an avid illustrator, I love politics, philosophy, and music. My work is predominantly hand-drawn traditional and digital art meant to focus on the human experience, consciousness, existence, and social commentary. Aside from illustration as my hobby, I want to work in the field of UX design because I want to understand the psychology behind the design of technology and tap into how users think. I want to use my articles in South Asian Productions as artillery against societal constructs as I want to push readers to question their understanding of the world rather than settle on a given truth. I want to challenge South Asian readers to think beyond social constructs and examine the state of society. I am excited to see the road ahead. Love y’all!

Meritocracy, Elitism, and Performative Activism in South Asian American Culture

By Rocky Sahoo With the advent of Netflix’s South-Asian representation and Kamala Harris being picked for a Vice-President Nomination, there’s an underlying scheme: our representation is moving beyond the trivial and into the political, however idolized for wealth and elitism.  We’re seeing an uprise of South Asians entering creative industries and political fields,  forming organizations, […]

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