What will People Say? Log Kya Kahenge: Battle with the LGBTQ Community

By Ayushi Kumar

In the world we live in today, South Asians may accept homosexuality and queer identities more than they ever did before. You may think now that times have changed, it may be easier, but accepting this change is still a struggle. People’s freedom to truly express their gender choice is still very difficult, especially in the LGBTQ community. Our society today still questions sexuality and people’s freedom to express themselves.

Why is it that Desi’s rarely try to understand the LGBTQ community? South Asians living in the United States usually feel that dating or romance is taboo. When we Desi’s are faced with a sensitive topic, like talking about the LGBTQ community, we so often ignore it or will not accept it. It is just something we avoid talking about. 

Why? “Although strides have been made to be more inclusive, many South Asian families still believe that have an LGBTQ+ family member will bring shame to the family.” They become pressured to keep their identity hidden. People around them will tell them it’s just a phase. “OMG, like what you like girls, and you like boys. No, stop it’s not true…. it’s all in your head. This is what happens when you listen to rap music, hang out with white people…. It’s all the western culture and too much of you watching tv.” What will family back home think? Log kya kahenge?

We need to remember that we are all one. One society. One family. Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally! 

A poem to the LGTBQ Community!

ove is love

Dear Society,

love is love

but you won’t accept us and say it’s completely wrong

the words out of your mouth do hurt me

it doesn’t matter who you are in the end we are all human

whether you’re a girl or a boy it should be equal.

Love is love

it doesn’t matter if your gay or straight

it’s not a sin or a crime

this is me and it makes me happy.

it’s completely right.

Love is love

when we’re holding hands and letting me know your mine

the feeling of us being equal feels so right

people hate us for being different but

Love is love

and nothing is wrong with that

all we do is think what everyone will think

you try to live by society conditions

to fit in and not yours.

Love is love

and don’t apologize for who you love

don’t ever change yourself just because

they don’t approve you for who you are

there’s nothing wrong with you.

Love is love

same gender or different

so, don’t hate on me

just be proud of who you are

and just keep loving.

Love is love

and we love each other

from the bottom of the heart

but you don’t

I stopped asking why.

Love is love

but you say it’s not perfect.

I ask who is born perfect?

color, race, gender, religion

shouldn’t matter.

Love is love

and we belong here in society

without any hate.

to accept an individual

with a big heart takes lots of courage.

Love is love

when you accept me

love me and care for me

I don’t care if your lesbian, gay or bi,

transgender, or queer

I am proud of who I am

Love is love.


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Mental Health in Quarantine

How are you feeling during this quarantine? Quarantine has not been easy; you must take care of your mental health. Mood swings, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression have become very common in this time. Everything that is going around in the world’s mental health started to affect many of us. It began to create more health issues. This became part of our daily lives. Staying home all day has become challenging. This pandemic has changed everything.

During this time, everyone had a different way to handle themselves. If you’re feeling a certain way it doesn’t mean the person next to you feels the same way, they might be handling themselves differently.  Some people might be with their families, and some might be living alone, but loneliness had been ingrained into us. No work, no school, nor any social events had become stressful. We were used to doing things we enjoyed and then we were told to stay home with nothing much to do.

Those who already suffer from mental health have now suffered more than before. People tend to go through more anxiety and depression in circumstances such as COVID. Many people still try to live a normal life by doing normal routines, but it is impossible to do it when there is no avenue or outlet available. Your room has become a comfort place.

A poetry by me about mental health in quarantine!

the voices in your head
try to shut you down
your overthinking tries to
pull in the darkness
try shut my eyes try to sleep
the voice inside my head is awake
my body starts to go numb
slowly I am losing myself
the voice in my head
became my enemy and not my friend
negative thoughts won’t shut
I stop believing in the positive
the voice in my head will not let me speak
I look around to tell, but no one is there
nobody actually cares
it is unreal, they say
I'm terrified by this darkness
day by day, it is becoming a reality
trying to fix myself
putting all of my pieces back together
trying to fight it back
I forgot I made this reality.
I switched the roles.
I became the voice in my head.
My head has now become me.

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