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Nikita Chinamanthur is a rising junior at Scripps College of the Claremont Colleges, majoring in English with several Math classes along the way. Her favorite binge-watching record is for Game of Thrones, which she was able to finish in a week. She is currently working on her first book, “Ants,” which publishes in December 2020. After discovering SAP on Instagram, Nikita is super enthusiastic to showcase her college and introduce her favorite upcoming creators to the world!

Nine Decades of Hindi Film Music

By Nikita Chinamanthur Cinema in the subcontinent started off with a bang and a dash of royalty with Dadasaheb Phalke’s silent film, Raja Harishchandra, in 1913. Two decades later, the first “talkie” or sound film was released in the subcontinent: Alam Ara (1931). Ever since, movies from the subcontinent’s vast and varied film industries have […]

Why Young Indians Lost Their Sexuality (and, how the Indian media is reclaiming it)

Why do young desis never have the opportunity to date, romance, or find pleasure in sex without relying on it as a necessity for procreation?  Is it a cultural phenomenon? Religious? Is non-sexuality so engrained in our heritage that we aren’t able to escape its clutches three thousand years later?  Is it colonial? Courtesy of […]

Introduction to the 5C’s

Straddling the border between Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County in Southern California, a group of seven institutions is huddled together in the city of “trees and PhDs”: Claremont, California. Comprised of five distinct colleges, each with its own faculty, admissions, and specific resources, the Claremont Consortium provides a symbiotic structure for undergraduate students […]

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