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Hey South Asians!
When most other people think of biryani, they only think ‘rice’. But as we know, biryani is so much more than that – the aromatic combination of spices, the layers of flavors, that face you make when you accidentally bite into a clove, the warm feelings of home it caters with every bite, and the hundreds of regional varieties that inspire cross-cultural appreciation.

South Asian Productions is like biryani. Led by a team of highly dedicated individuals, South Asian Productions curates content that sometimes makes us laugh, sometimes makes us smile, and oftentimes makes us wonder.
Growing up, I was predominantly exposed to careers in the STEM fields, to the extent where careers in other fields didn’t feel like an option – they didn’t even seem like a reality to me. It certainly didn’t help that most of my friends and peers were also set on pursuing STEM careers. Sure, we participated in activities like dancing and painting, but it always felt like these activities were just that – activities. The possibility that any of these activities we felt passionately about could be something more seemed unreal and unattainable. Phrases like “being an artist is not respectable” or “how will you make money” were the only ones I was hearing and at the time I didn’t have very many South Asian role models I could look up to who would convince me otherwise.

The stigmas, the inner conflicts, the pushback we as South Asians face from our communities and even our own families are realities that can mostly only be understood by other South Asian/Asian peers who have had similar experiences. This is why South Asians promoting and inspiring other South Asians is so valuable; When we see someone like us – someone we can relate to – achieve a reality that once only felt like a dream, it instills the confidence in us that we can achieve that too. It allows us to recognize that we are not alone in our pursuit.
South Asian Productions sheds light on these individuals, who are so drastically underrepresented in our communities, pursuing seemingly revolutionary roles. It provides an entire community of support and encouragement, pushing creatives to go further. South Asian Productions gives us representation, recognition, and authenticity. It’s a community I wish I had exposure to much earlier, so I wouldn’t have had to be confused, so I wouldn’t have had to doubt myself and the future I envisioned. As you go forth on this journey of higher education, exploration, and (at the risk of sounding too cheesy) finding yourself, don’t limit yourself to what seem like the reasonable possibilities. There is a whole community out here waiting for you to take risks and venture outside the norms, and they’ll be there to applaud you when you do it.

Your Biryani-Loving Editor-in-Chief


Chai Fanatic by Day, Storyteller by Night | I’m a student studying Political Economy at UC Berkeley who has an inane interest in people-watching (but not in a weird way oml). South Asian Productions has been my go-to for creative motivation and inspiration, and I hope, with time, you will feel the same way 🙂

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