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Welcome to the University of California Los Angeles Chapter!

Pooja is a senior at UCLA and is excited to be part of the SAP team! She hopes to encourage South Asians in her community and bring light to their voices and stories.

Your Guide to South Asian Arts at UCLA

By Pooja Nair Normally Week 0 at UCLA centers around the Enormous Activities Fair, where you can check out clubs and scout for new groups to call home. With in-person events canceled, we figured we’d give you a run-down on the South Asian performing arts clubs here at UCLA so you can find those right […]

People Dancing

Vibe Check with Havish Gattu

By Nikitha Lakshminarayanan Havish Gattu is a 3rd-year Biology student at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2018, his dance crew INC placed 3rd at World of Dance Dallas. Since then, he has traveled the country with UCLA’s premier Bollywood Fusion dance team, UCLA Nashaa. In the 2019/20 academic year, he was Nashaa’s choreography […]

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