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Pooja is a senior at UCLA and is excited to be part of the SAP team! She hopes to encourage South Asians in her community and bring light to their voices and stories.

A Dive into South Asian Literature

By Rafay Siddiqui Charlotte Bronte. Mark Twain. Charles Dickens. Ernest Hemingway. F. Scott Fitzgerald — need I go on? In the grand scheme of literature, a considerable amount of novels anointed as “classics” by modern standards are usually penned by European and/or American authors. South Asians are already underrepresented as it is in countless social…

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A Reflection: “Guards at the Taj”

By Durga Ganesh I sat in the second row of Nitery Theater, Stanford’s block box theater, on opening night. As music director for “Guards at the Taj,” one of Stanford’s first South Asian-American theater productions, I had spent the past few months composing and recording the play’s soundtrack with fellow musicians. Tonight was the first…

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Cooking, Cross-stitch, and Covid-19

By Abeni Eliz I’m sure many other South Asian college students living in the US can relate to the struggle of rarely visiting their families. While my classmates would stay at their grandparent’s house “for the weekend,” I had to wait at least four or five years so that my parents could save up money…

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Diversity in Modern South Asian Art

By Rafay Siddiqui For several millennia, art has served as a universal means to convey the experiences, epiphanies, and emotions of all cultures within their respective times. Yet, as it currently stands, humanity’s most celebrated artworks have imposed biases in favor of European creators. Within sites such as the Louvre, British Museum, and Metropolitan Museum…

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