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University of California Riverside

Welcome to the University of California Riverside Chapter!

Hello! Welcome to the South Asian Productions-Riverside page. My name is Trisha and I’m a fourth-year Business Administration student at the University of California, Riverside. I am in love with all things art and create content, both personally and professionally. At school, I’m currently pursuing a concentration in marketing, and in my free time, I love reading, painting, dancing, shooting photography, and hiking. South Asian Productions is a wonderful medium for creatives from all over to get together to talk to, collaborate with, and all-in-all connect with other creatives through our passion in the Entertainment and Art industry. I’m very excited to join South Asian Productions as an Ambassador to represent South Asian Life at UC Riverside. There are a lot of ideas and plans I have for this specific page and I’m thrilled to share them all with you as time moves forward. For right now, I will say my main goal for this page is for it to be as interactive as possible. Growing up without much representation or stereotyped misrepresentation of South Asian individuals in the media made it really easy to doubt my success in this field. I often felt there was no one who felt the same way I did and or anyone I could turn to for advice or guidance on how to make a career out of my passions. I want this to be a page where I can provide some insight. I want to write articles on topics that are relevant, not only to Entertainment and Art as a South Asian Creative, but also on topics relevant to the readers. Topics ranging from mental health, social stigma/taboos, school, life, aliens, etc. You name it, I’ll write it! If there is ever a topic any of you want me to cover, I want to be here to deliver. If there is ever a concern any of you have, I want to be here to listen. I want to be a voice for any reader who might feel theirs goes unheard. I want to convey the messages I wish I could have received growing up. I’m really looking forward to our time ahead and hope you all stay safe and well! Thanks for reading! 

With love, 

Trisha Singh

Trisha Singh is an upcoming fourth-year Business Administration major with a concentration in marketing at the University of California, Riverside. As a fellow creative, she joined SAP to delve deeper into her passions in the Entertainment and Art industry and create a positive space where she can connect with other creatives and individuals across the globe.

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